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La Tribune de Laïtus Prime

Don't give up!

May the Emperor protect us! Some of the loyal citizens of the Imperium may want to give up in front of the difficulties of Epic... They should not lose their courage.
Thanks to the Internet, Epic is supported by many web sites and at least two mailing lists (one for Epic in general and an other for NetEpic). And even if the Laïtus Prime Tribune is not as active as some time ago, the enemies of Humanity should not think that they are victorious.
Soon our team will provide you a way to play Epic by e-mails and perhaps will we be able to launch a world internet campaign...

Loyal citizens of the Imperium, don't give up!

Last News

We have little data about the way that Ork Gargants were created.
Techno-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus think that our own titans may have been a source of inspiration for the green skins. For some heretics, the Gargants are a dream coming directly from Gork and Mork, the Ork divinities...
Gargants are a constant threat for our forces.

Gargants, storyy from the TL Rule Book.


Update of the French speaking players list.
Update of the pictures gallery thanks to Douglas Woodcock.
We have encountered a problem with our hard drive and all the results of the current survey have been lost... The survey will stay online for some time to allow you to resend your answers.

Permanent Articles
Battle Reports

Our universe is full of dangers and evil races. Each day our forces must fight our enemies to protect our lives. Each day Eldar forces and Ork armies fight each other for unknown reasons... Our universe is full of bloody battles.
The Laïtus Prime Tribune regularly send its best reporters in order to bring you the resultas of these confrontations. Read them on our Battle Reports section!

Battle Reports


La loi est la garante de notre sécurité et de l'ordre Impérial. L'Inquisition est l'organisation qui a pour tâche de nous garder de l'hérésie et de la traîtrise.
Cependant, et malgré la vigilance des Inquisiteurs, des hérétiques et des adeptes du Chaos tentent d'introduire des changements nocifs dans notres société. Ces hommes doivent être traqués et détruits pour la plus grande gloire de l'Empereur!



Knowledge is the key of victory! The Laïtus Prime Tribune has undertaken the hard task of collecting a maximum of data, legends and other historical reports in order to provide the best information to its readers.
Consult these archives and learm how powerful is the Emperor!



Yes our universe is dangerous but it is always possible to find some unimaginable wonders. Old eldar artifacts, standard gabarit of construction, etc... All these treasures are searched by the Inquisition for identification and possibly purification.
The Laïtus Prime Tribune's staff has decided to show you some of these wonders which have been declared safe by the Inquisitors.


Tyranids attack an Ultramarine bastion
Utramarines in action

Scenarios and Campaigns

In order to increase their efficiency, the imperial forces use complex simulators. Historical battles, catastrophic or improbable scenarios, no situations is ignored in order to prevent any surprise.
We've just receceive the authorisation from the Inquisition to publish some of these scenarios, our goal is to show you how our troops are trained to protect us.

Scenarios and Campaigns

Army lists

Day after day, techno-priests of Mars analyse data from imperial bots and scouts.
Every day a new race or a new ennemy is discovered somewhere in the galaxy. The role of the techno-priests is then to find the forces and weakness of these new opponents of the Emperor.

Without this knowledge, it would be impossible to fight our enemies.

Army Lists

Game Help

In order to make certain our survival, each citizen of the Imperium must be involved. Each man and each women must know the basic survival technics, forces and weakness of our enemies and of our own forces, the way to act in case of invasion... This is our duty.

Game Help


The Laîtus Prime Tribune has always been there to provide you the best information. Fortunately, it is not the only web site dedicated to Epic.
Everywhere in the universe, other sites are contributing to our hobby. Some of them are heretics, others are non human but each one is interesting!


La Croisée des Jeux, le site des jeux par e-mails
About the Laitus Prime Tribune
Battle Reports
Army Lists
Game Help

Honour your Chapter,
Glorify the Emperor and...
Read the Laïtus Prime Tribune!

The Laïtus Prime Tribune

Permanent Articles
Search Engine

The Laïtus Prime Tribune provides hundreds of articles (there are more than 200 pages in French and English!) and it is sometimes difficult to find what you exactly search.
Your long hours of navigation are now over. You can now use the new search engine using three parameters : the section of the searched article, the game system and/or the language.
Good browsing!

Search Engine in English.


In order to provide you a better site, the Laïtus Prime Tribune needs to know you.
In each issue you'll be able to answer a simple question. Results will be published in the following issue. Please note that your answers will be anonymous.

Average size of your battles :
0-1000 points
1000-2000 points
2000-3000 points
3000+ points

Previous results.

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